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Tempus Applied Solutions acquires proflight aviation services

October 29, 2015

Tempus Applied Solutions Holdings Inc. announced today its wholly owned subsidiary, Tempus Applied Solutions LLC, has acquired Proflight Aviation Services LLC, a San Marcos, Texas-based company that operates Proflight Academy, a Federal Aviation Administration-approved Part 141 Certificate flight school.

Since 2011, Proflight has been the core operator of San Marcos-based Skyport, an advanced flight training laboratory established by Redbird Flight Simulations Inc. that pairs advanced technologies with training methods for the general aviation industry. Tempus and Redbird Flight Simulations have jointly announced an agreement to transition the operation of Skyport to Tempus.

"The Tempus team leverages years of successful business operations in the aircraft industry, proven depth in applied cutting-edge technologies and a professional background in military and civilian flight training programs to deliver world-class flight training," said Scott Terry, CEO of Tempus. "Aviation is an increasingly integral part of life, and Tempus will build on Redbird's migration flight training philosophy and apply it across the spectrum of flight training operations to meet the increased demand for pilots."

The Tempus-led flight school will continue to use and test Redbird's simulators, proficiency-based curriculum and Redbird's diesel Redhawk aircraft while offering pilot training at all levels under FAA Part 61 and Part 141 regulations.

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